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Operational Programme for Technical Assistance (OPTA)

Responsible institution: MA POAT (within the Ministry of Economy and Finance) -

The main objective of the Operational Programme Technical Assistance is to ensure support for the coordination and to contribute to sound, effective, efficient and transparent implementation and absorption of the Structural Instruments in Romania.

Specific objectives:
- Ensuring support and appropriate tools for an efficient and effective Structural Instruments coordination and implementation during the 2007-2013 period and preparation of the future Structural Instruments programming period.
- Ensuring coordinated delivery of general messages related to Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund at national level and implementation of ACIS’s action plan for communication in line with the National Communication Strategy for Structural Instruments.

Thematic priority axis:

1 - Support to the implementation of Structural Instruments and coordination of programmes
1.1 Support to the management and implementation of Structural Instruments
1.2 Evaluation
1.3 Horizontal training in the field of the management of programmes/projects
1.4 Functioning of OPTA, ACIS, the Certifying and Paying Authority and the Audit Authority

2 - Further development and support for the functioning of the Single Management Information System
2.1 Development and maintenance of the SMIS and its digital network
2.2 Functioning of the SMIS Central Unit and coordination network
2.3 Training of the users, distribution of procedural guides and user manuals and information activities related to SMIS
2.4 Supply of IT&C goods and services

3 - Dissemination of information and promotion of Structural Instruments
3.1 Dissemination of general information and publicity activities regarding the Structural Instruments allocated to Romania
3.2 Operation of the Structural Instruments Information Center


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