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Regional Operational Programme (ROP)

Responsible institution: AM ROP (within the Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing) -
Funding allocation: € 3.7 billion between 2007-2013

The general purpose of ROP is to support a solid socio-economic development equally balanced throughout the country, based on both needs and resources specific to each region. This is expected to be achieved through focusing on urban growth poles, improvement of transport infrastructure and of business environment, so that Romanian regions, especially those lagging behind, can become more attractive to live in, to visit, to invest in and also to work in.

Specific Objectives:
- increasing the social and economic importance of the urban centres by using a polycentric approach and encouraging a more balanced development of the regions
- improving the access to all regions in general and to urban centres in particular, and to their surroundings
- improving the quality of the social infrastructure of the regions
- improving the competitiveness of the regions, seen as business locations
- improving the contribution of tourism to the development of the regions

Thematic priority axes:

1 - Support to sustainable development of urban growth poles
1.1 Integrated urban development plans, implemented through projects developed on the following fields:
- Rehabilitation of the urban infrastructure and improvement of urban services, including the urban transportation
- Durable developing of business environment
- Rehabilitation of the social infrastructure, including the social houses and the improvement of social services

2 - Improvement of regional and local transport infrastructure
2.1 Rehabilitation and modernization of the county roads and urban streets network, including construction/rehabilitation of ring roads

3 - Improvement of social infrastructure
3.1 Rehabilitation, modernization and equipping of the health services’ infrastructure
3.2 Rehabilitation, modernization, development and equipping of social services infrastructure
3.3 Improving the equipments of the operational units for public safety interventions in emergency situations
3.4 Rehabilitation, modernization, development and equipping of pre–university, university education and continuous vocational training infrastructure

4 - Strengthening the regional and local business environment
4.1 Development of sustainable business support structures of regional and local importance
4.2 Rehabilitation of unused polluted industrial sites and preparation for new activities
4.3 Support the development of micro-enterprises

5 - Sustainable development and promotion of tourism
5.1 Restoration and sustainable valorisation of cultural heritage, setting up and modernization of related infrastructure
5.2 Creation, development, modernization of the tourism infrastructure for sustainable valorization of natural resources and for increasing the quality of tourism services
5.3 Promoting the tourism potential and setting-up the needed infrastructure in order to increase Romania’s attractivity as tourism destination

6 - Technical assistance
6.1 Support for the implementation, overall management and evaluation of the ROP
6.2 Support for the publicity and information activities of the ROP


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