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Sectoral Operational Programme for the Environment (SOP ENV)

Responsible institution: AM SOP ENV (within the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development) -
Funding allocation: €4.5 billion between 2007-2013

The overall objective of SOP ENV is to reduce the environment infrastructure gap that exists between the European Union and Romania both in terms of quantity and quality. This should result in more effective and efficient services, while taking fully into account sustainable development and “the polluter pays” principle.

Specific Objectives:
- Improve the quality and access to water and wastewater infrastructure, by providing water supply and wastewater services in most urban areas by 2015
- Development of sustainable waste management system, by improving waste management and reducing the number of historically contaminated sites in minimum 30 counties by 2015
- Reduction of negative environmental impact caused by urban heating plants in most polluted localities by 2015
- Protection and improvement of biodiversity and natural heritage by supporting the protected areas management, including NATURA 2000 implementation
- Reduction of the incidence of natural disasters affecting the population, by implementing preventive measures in most vulnerable areas by 2015

Thematic priority axis:

1 - Extension and modernization of water and wastewater systems
1.1 Extension/modernization of water and wastewater systems

2 - Development of integrated waste management systems and rehabilitation of historically contaminated sites
2.1 Development of integrated waste management systems and extension of waste management infrastructure
2.2 Rehabilitation of historically contaminated sites

3 - Reduction of pollution and mitigation of climate change by restructuring and renovating urban heating systems towards energy efficiency targets in the identified local environmental hotspots
3.1 Rehabilitation of urban heating systems in selected priority areas

4 - Implementation of Adequate Management Systems for Nature Protection
4.1. Development of infrastructure and management plans to protect biodiversity and Natura 2000

5 - Implementation of adequate infrastructure of natural risk prevention in most vulnerable areas
5.1. Protection against floods
5.2. Reduction of coastal erosion

6 - Technical Assistance
6.1. Support for SOP ENV management and evaluation
6.2. Support for information and publicity


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