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Operational Programme for Fisheries (OPF)

Responsible institution: National Agency for Fishing and Aquaculture (NAFA) (within the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) -
Funding allocation: € 307.6 billion between 2007-2013

The general objective of OPF consists of:
(i) increase in the competitiveness of the sector (increased added value, increased productivity);
(ii) jobs created or maintained in the three sub-sectors (Black Sea fishing fleet, Aquaculture and Inland Fisheries) as well as in the processing industry and in the fisheries areas;
(iii) adjustment of the fishing capacity.

Specific objectives:
- development of the competitiveness and the sustainability of the primary fisheries sector;
- development of the market for products of the sector;
- support of the sustainable development of fisheries areas and improvement of the quality of life in those areas;
- support of an adequate delivery of the OP in the framework of the CFP.

Thematic priority axis:

1 - Measures for the adaptation of the Community fishing fleet
1.1 Public aid for permanent cessation of fishing activities
1.2 Public aid for temporary cessation of fishing activities
1.3 On board investment and selectivity
1.4 Small scale fisheries
1.5 Socio-economic compensation for fishers

2 – Aquaculture, inland fishing, processing and marketing of fishery and aquaculture products
2.1 Productive investment in aquaculture
2.2 Aqua-environmental measures
2.3 Public health measures
2.4 Animal health measures
2.5 Inland fishing
2.6 Investments in processing and marketing

3 - Measures of common interest
3.1 Collective actions
3.2 Protection and development of aquatic fauna and flora
3.3 Fishing ports, landing sites and shelters
3.4 Development of new markets and promotional campaigns
3.5 Pilot projects

4 - Sustainable development of fishing areas
4.1 Selection of Local Groups
4.2 Support for undertaking cooperation actions

5 - Technical Assistance for OPF


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