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Sectoral Operational Programme for Transport (SOPT)

Responsible institution: AM SOP Transport (within the Ministry of Transport) -
Funding allocation: € 4.56 billion between 2007-2013

The general objective of SOPT is the promotion of a sustainable transport system in Romania, which allows safe, rapid and efficient transportation of both persons and goods. This is aimed to be assured at a high level, according to European standards, within Europe and between Romanian areas.

Specific Objectives:
- Eco-friendly modernization of TEN-T priority axis
- Promotion of the rail, water and inter-modal transport
- Modernization of the national transport network according to the principles of sustainable development
- Sustenance of durable transport development, minimizing adverse effects of transport on the environment and improvement of traffic safety and human health

Thematic priority axes:

1 - Modernization and development of TEN-T priority axes aiming at sustainable transport system integrated with EU transport networks
1.1 Modernization and development of road infrastructure along the TEN-T priority axis 7
1.2 Modernization and development of railway infrastructure along the TEN-T priority axis 22
1.3 Modernization and development of water transport infrastructure along the TEN-T priority axis 18

2 – Modernization and development of the national transport infrastructure outside the TEN-T priority axes aiming at sustainable national transport system
2.1 National roads
2.2 National railway and services
2.3 River and maritime ports
2.4 Air transport infrastructure

3 – Modernization of transport sector aiming at higher degree of environmental protection, human health and passenger safety
3.1 Promote inter-modal transport
3.2 Improve traffic safety across all transport modes
3.3 Minimize adverse effects of transport on the environment

4 - Technical Assistance
4.1 Support for effective SOPT management, implementation, monitoring, and control
4.2 Support for information and publicity regarding SOPT


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