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Sectoral Operational Programme for Increase of Economic Competitiveness (SOP IEC)

Responsible institution: AM SOP IEC (within the Ministry of Economy and Finance) -
Funding allocation: € 2.55 billion between 2007-2013

The general objective of SOP IEC is the increase of Romanian companies’ productivity, reducing the disparities compared to the average productivity of EU. The actions undertaken will generate an average annual growth of productivity by about 5.5%. This will allow Romania to reach approx. 55% of the EU average productivity by 2015.

Specific Objectives:
- Consolidation and sustainable development of the Romanian productive sector
- Establishment of a favorable environment for sustainable enterprises’ development
- Increase of the research and development capacity, stimulation of the cooperation between Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) institutions and enterprises, an increase of enterprises’ access to RDI
- Valorization of the Information and Communication Technology potential and its application in the public (administration) and private sector (enterprises, citizens)
- Increase of energy efficiency and sustainable development of the energy sector through promotion of the regenerated energy sources

Thematic priority axes:

1 - An innovative and eco-efficient productive system
1.1 Productive and environment friendly investments and preparation for market competition, especially of SMEs
1.2 Access to finance for SMEs
1.3 Sustainable entrepreneurship development

2 - Research, Technological Development and Innovation for competitiveness
2.1 RD partnerships between universities/research institutes, and enterprises for generating results directly applicable in economy
2.2 Investments in RDI infrastructure
2.3 RDI support for enterprises (especially for SMEs)

3 - Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for private and public sectors
3.1 Supporting the ICT use
3.2 Developing and increasing the efficiency of electronic public services
3.3 Sustaining the E-Economy

4 - Increasing energy efficiency and security of supply, in the context of combating climate change
4.1 Efficient and sustainable energy (improving energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of the energy system)
4.2 Valorization of renewable energy resources for producing “green” energy
4.3 Diversification of interconnection networks in view of strengthening security of energy supply

5 - Technical Assistance
5.1 Support to SOP IEC management, implementation, monitoring and control
5.2 Support for communication, evaluation and IT development


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